How to Get the Best Rates on Homeowner Insurance in Wisconsin

A guaranteed way to get the best rates on homeowner insurance in Wisconsin can be summed up in one word: safety. However, safety doesn’t end once you’ve burglar-, fire-, and storm-proofed your home. Everyday wear and tear can impair your home’s safety, too. You can help slow the process of this everyday wear and tear by using the safest, most durable materials for your home and its systems. For example, it’s likely you’ll get more affordable WI real estate coverage and save money on homeowner insurance in Wisconsin if your plumbing system is made of copper.

Sure, there are other home plumbing materials out there. Plastic is gaining popularity, and is usually less expensive for both you and your plumber. So, why should you choose copper over plastic? Why do Wisconsin real estate insurers like it when your home’s plumbing system is made of copper?

oCopper plumbing systems are extremely durable. They require very little, or no, maintenance. You won’t spend much time, if any, repairing a copper plumbing system.

oIf your copper plumbing system does need repairs, it’s more likely than not that your manufacturer has given you a 50-year warranty. This means no additional costs to your homeowner insurance company.

oPipes made of copper tend to be healthier. Contaminates can’t penetrate copper, and it’s difficult if not impossible for bacteria to grow.

oCopper can handle both freezing and boiling temperatures without suffering damage, which also means the odds of having to replace your pipes prematurely are slim.

oUsing copper plumbing means you’ve met Wisconsin’s building code standards.

Given those benefits to using copper for your home’s plumbing material, you won’t just find affordable WI real estate coverage. You’ll also keep your home safe from damage and your family safe from health risks. provides many more tips to save money on homeowner insurance in Wisconsin as well as free instant homeowner insurance quotes online.

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DIY Home Maintenance and Modification On the Rise

More and more homeowners are doing things themselves when it comes to home repairs, preventative maintenance and modification. Of course, just because you saw it on TV does not mean it is going to be that easy for you at home. Remember that the folks on TV leave out some steps, due to the fact that most of those shows are only 1-hour or less. Often, such project that are stated to be a one or two day job, can take weeks for a do-it-yourself homeowner. Sometimes that includes a little education and unfortunately some trial and error too.

Now do not let me dissuade you from trying, that certainly is not my point and I have hired enough contractors over my life to understand why you might wish to do some of these things yourself – it isn’t cheap! However, I want you to consider that these folks on TV are professionals, know all the short cuts and are using often $1,000s of dollars in expensive professional grade power tools, things you do not own and probably would never purchase for only one job.

This is not to say it cannot be done, and there is a bit of satisfaction in knowing you did it yourself, plus you can save 10s of thousands of dollars to offset your gasoline and food costs, which like everyone else have skyrocketed and attacked your family budget. Just know that it is not as easy as it looks and many of the things you might be doing do require you to pull permits from city hall. Even a back yard BBQ that is built in requires an inspection and it must be done right to insure your families safety, so please think on this.